Comwave burst on to the scene in 1999, and positioned themselves as a cheaper alternative for home phone and internet service. In an industry monopolized by huge telecom companies battling it out for your dollar, Comwave claim to be “looking out for the little guy”, and even enlisted former Toronto Maple Leafs enforcer Tie Domi as their spokesperson.

Tie Domi for Comwave

Comwave home phone is VoIP which is basically phone service over the internet. As long as you already have internet service, their prices for home phone are some of the cheapest out there. They now offer unlimited internet packages as well.

Comwave use third party carriers to provide their internet service, so speed and quality is comparable to what you’d get with the other internet providers in your area.

For the purpose of our review we’re looking at Comwave’s high-speed internet, home phone and the bundles they offer.

Pros: Their prices are very affordable, especially their bundles. You can get a decent price even if you don’t commit to their 3 year contract. You can keep your existing phone number.

Cons: VoIP phone isn’t compatible with most alarm system monitoring and is dependent on your internet connection. During an emergency, you won’t be able to call 911 directly. Instead you’ll reach a call centre who will contact emergency services on your behalf.

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