Shaw Communications was founded in 1966 in Edmonton, Alberta and over the next 30 years grew into one of the largest telecom companies in Canada. Shaw provides cable television, high-speed internet and home phone services through their fibre optic network.

Shaw recently introduced BlueSky TV which features a voice remote so you can quickly search for content by saying what you want to watch.

Shaw offer competitively priced bundles so you can save if you purchase BlueSky TV, high-speed internet and home phone together.

For the purpose of our review we’re looking at Shaws’ television, high-speed internet, home phone and the bundles they offer.

Pros: Their fibre plus network boasts some of the fastest internet speeds in western Canada.

Cons: Most of their best services require a 2 year contract where you pay a discounted price the first year and then full price the second year.

Shaw don’t offer the option of unlimited internet, so you’ll need to watch your usage closely or risk paying overage charges.


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