VMedia Inc. is one of the newest telecom companies in Canada. Founded in Toronto in 2013 they launched their IPTV television in Ontario and then quickly expanded into Quebec, Alberta, Saskatchewan and B.C. over the next few years.

Along with their internet televsion service, they’ve added VoIP telephone and both DSL and cable internet through third parties.

VMedia Bundles

Being one of the new players in the telecom services game, VMedia are working hard to land new customers and have reasonable rates available, no contact required.


Pros: Their VBOX not only lets you watch live TV, but you can also download Netflix, YouTube, GooglePlay and many more of your favorite apps and services. You can also browse the internet from the comfort of your couch.

If you already have a Roku player, you can watch your VMedia TV channels without purchasing their VBOX.

Some plans offer free phone or free TV for up to 6 months, and lets not forget their services have NO CONTRACTS!


Cons: VMedia don’t offer a PVR, so you can’t record live TV to watch later.

The quality and clarity of VoIP phone service is generally not as good as service through your phone line. VoIP phone is not compatible with most alarm system monitoring and traditional 911 service.

Have you had a good or bad experience with VMedia’s services? Please leave a comment below.